A blog about current events from a Christian perspective.  Sheree has served as a pastoral administration assistant for over 25 years within the local church.  This blog was created to discuss various topics from the perspective of God’s Word on these events.


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    • sheree252 says:

      I believe that is correct, federal court in New York. However, while I have researched this extensively, I am not an Attorney. The best people to ask this question might be Mario Apuzzo over at puzo1.blogspot.com (click the contact me button – he is a Constitutional attorney) or perhaps the attorneys over at http://www.thepostemail.com (again click the contact button at the bottom). They will know specifically. Our biggest problem isn’t so much filing or where to file, it is getting a court to actually rule on the merits. To date every single case has yet to be ruled on the merits, they have all been dismissed either due to lack of standing on the part of the petitioner or dismissed claiming it is not the courts jurisdiction. What does that mean? According to an attorney I did speak with they are saying this issue is not the jurisdiction of the courts, it is the duty of Congress to handle this. Congress is the agency invested with the authority to challenge eligibility. They are supposed to be the ones vetting these people as well as the electors. When I asked what do we do when Congress won’t do its job, I was told “vote them out”. So apparently we the people have no rights on this issue which is why I am educating as much as I can to get people to understand this and to stop voting for ineligible candidates! Congress has been exposed as being completely corrupt and we can no longer count on them. This is serious because if Ted Cruz gets in there he will set precedent, and we’d better prepare for a run by Prince Hamseh or someone like him. Its only a matter of time. My hope is that Mr. Trump will indeed file as he appears to be the only one who has standing as far as the courts are concerned and I know he has a crack team of over 100 attorneys, so if anyone could crack this he could. But we’ll see. In the meantime I’ll just keep trying to educate people on this.


      • teresasdaughter says:

        Thank you, Sheree. I believe Mr. Obama has already set the president on this, which complicates matters.

        I find Governor Christie’s endorsement particularly interesting. Do you suppose he knows any federal judges? Ha!

        I think if Mr. Trump could narrow the field until it’s just him and Senator Cruz, Mr. Trump might pull this option. What a fireworks show that would be! He would literally be the only man standing. I actually believe he may be luring the GOP and Senator Cruz into a trap of that sort.


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